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Man! Emissions???? Bound to happe?

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Is this going to affect current models?
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No, these kinds of laws only affect manufacturers. Consumers are never affected. It just means that all new bikes shipped to the US will now have to meet standards similar to what's already in place in CA.
I just think how I hate to wait at those emission stations inhaling all that smog waiting for the vehicle to be tested. Good thing it's only the Explorer and not my car that has to go through that crap. What a waste of a weekend.
Great... so now ALL our bikes will be smog-choked, run shitty and be underpowered like the Cali bikes?

Meanwhile all the diesel Hummers will continute to pollute a million times more than 100 bikes put together. :rant

Hey, why go after the REAL polluters when you can just go after the little guys so it LOOKS like your doing something about pollution when you're not?
Ya the joke of all that is .....if your car is over twenty then you dont test! how many old beaters have you sat behind chokin..on the blue smoke!
At least for the short term it appears there is no law that restricts rem........
:eek :laughing
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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