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Pitster Pro Canadian National Mini RoadRacing Series:
CMA National Event
Round #4 Martensville, SK
Hosted by the SMRA
September 1-2, 2007

96 Class entries attended Round #4 of the Pitster Pro Canadian National Mini RoadRacing Series hosted by the Saskatchewan Mini Roadracing Association (SMRA) in the community of Martensville, located 10 minutes outside of Saskatoon SK. Long distance entries include the Rivercity Pocketbike Crew out of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Mini RoadRacing Icon ‘Big Bone’ out of Visalia, California....

With entries from across North America the Pocketbike 40 cc Class and the Pocketbike Open Class are definite crowd favorites. With the largest fields to date for the 2007 season competition is truly intense. For spectators used to seeing the clash of two wide racing , expectations are exceeded as these smaller but no less intense machines often run 3 wide into corners. Race #1 of the Pocketbike Open saw Chris Mah of Edmonton get an early lead with the competition going into the square 5 bikes wide. Brendon Schmidt (AMRA) has to work hard to keep the youth leader from getting away. At the halfway flag leaders encounter lap traffic and with incredible skill the racers weave their way through the back markers. Mah gets the win, followed by Schmidt. Race #2: Mah gets a great line off the start, this time Schmidt is with the youth all the way. Soon three groups appear, Mah and Schmidt, Gil Johnson and Davis Blundell, and Jared Frizell, Ryan Hykway and Vernon Stevens. With no room for error in any of the groups the racing is spectacular. Lap 5, the leaders encounter traffic, this time experience raises its head and Schmidt gets the lead as he works his way through the pack with Mah pulling in close behind. Johnson and Blundell make their way cleanly through the pack with no change of position. Despite the intense drive of the competition no change in position occurs for the remainder of the race. Finishing order for Race # 2, Brendon Schmidt- 1st , Chris Mah - 2nd and Gil Johnson - 3rd , with event results Schmidt - 1st, Mah - 2nd and Blundell - 3rd. Overall Standings see Schmidt and his GRC with a unbreakable lead going into Round #5, Chris Mah holds a strong second and one point separates third and forth places.
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