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Melbourne Hooters sportbike night

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New sportbike night in town. Melbourne, Hooters on Babcock Street. Every Friday from 7pm till closing. Next Friday Jan. 2nd we will be having a motorcycle scavenger hunt. Should be fun and prizes will be awarded. For more info you can call me at 321-259-4070.

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That is very good to know Char, thanks for posting that. I ride with a group here, I'll mention this and we'll try our best to make it over to Hooters, sounds like fun! If we are off work, we'll be there. :D
I will be there. I will see if I can keep my friends from going to Orlando speedworld one Friday night.

How many bikes do you plan on showing up?

artjay and I will be there this friday 9th. There were alot of bikes last week. I didnt count, but there were over 50 at least. Hopefully this cold weather will move out by then.
This is every Friday night at Hooters.. Jan.16 is a go...
So I know this thread is on its way out but....

I just moved back into town (went to high school here, been at UF and graduated this past December). Are there any other bike nights? At Sonic or anything? I'll definitely be at Hooters once I pick up a new back tire.

Are there any list servs or message boards with alot of Melbourne area riders? I know no one down here with a bike, so I wouldn't mind meeting some people, and definitely finding some places to ride with a turn or two. :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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