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Some of you out there have a pocketbike gathering dust, or have been harassed for riding it on the street. Undoubtedly there are some who would like to see what racing pocket bikes on a real track looks like. The NWMiniMoto Racing League has organized racing at XPlex Seattle, a tremendous facility with a 25 turn, 0.8 mile track that is probably the largest and highest quality track on the West coast. If pocket bikes aren’t exciting enough, the track will also feature sessions of racing go-carts capable of extreme speeds and g-forces. Friday is a practice session for getting your bike running right, and to get riders familiar with the incredible course. During the day Friday, if enough rider interest is present, a 2 hour racing school will be held for novice and intermediate riders. Sunday will be a brief practice session followed by qualifying and main races. The top three in each class will win sizable trophies. To register, download, fill-out and bring with you the registration form to the track. All riders must have safety equipment (motorcycle helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, etc.). For more information check out

This event is also open to all X-bikes 2 stroke and 4 stroke with and without gears. You will have your own practices and race. Trophies for 1-2-3 place.

Minimum Gear Requirement:

Full face street or motorcross helmet
Denium or leather jacket
elbow gaurds
Gloves with leather in the palms
knee gaurds
shoes that cover the ankles

Call 206-999-6160 for any questions.
Team NWminiMoto
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