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MotoGP2 Tonight

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Followed up by a bit of R6:3..

Any takers?
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you got rs3? shiat we should be playing that like ummmm.. now :)

lol Are you @ home? I'm heading out in a few minutes & would be down for some games
Oh btw all, my live name is: MethodR6
see you on.
I'll be there
I will be on tonight if the snow comes I may be out playing in the truck though.
I missed R63 last night, but I'll try to make it tonight.
ya i am home and on and playing now.
Going to go watch the Coug game. When I get home I'm firing up the seX-Box and playing with you all.
MotoGP 2 going now. 10:00 PM Rainbow 6 guys!
Good games tonight guys - I had fun making u all my bitches in R63 :flame
My PGR2 disc has a big scratch in it. That's why I bailed on the rest of you guys around midnight.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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