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Motorcycle Alarm Question

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I know if someone wants the bike, they will take it but I was looking at the G-FORCE 300 Alarm Universal Harness just for a little added protection. Has anyone used or know anything about this alarm or could anyone recommend an alarm or am I totally wasting my time with it? I would use it when parking close enough that I could hear the siren or activate the pager.
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I sell the G-Force, and people seem to like it! I've sold 20-25 units, win no complaints....
Just my opinion, but I think the alarm is a waste of money, even with the pager system. I checked out the Scorpio and G-Force, but just like any other device its a deterrent and won't prevent your ride from being stolen. You'd probably be better off getting a Xena Disc lock w/ alarm built in for less than $75. Basically, it's a disc lock, but if the lock/bike is moved in any way it makes annoying high pitch chirping sound. It works well, and is pretty sensitive to movement. You just got to check that the batteries are good every so often.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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