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Movin to FL

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Whats up everybody....

I'm movin to FL from PA in about 3 weeks. Since I don't know anybody that lives in FL, I figured I'd post up and maybe find out where all the bikes will be at when I move.
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EtienneB1 said:
I'm moving to Jupiter... I'll be down there Oct 26
Icehot will finally have someone to ride with that isn't an hour away. :redflip :redflip
blue95accord said:
I see how quickly I am forgotten about. Nags and Ice are mean people :shake
It ain't our fault you got a brand new shiny bike and you dont ride!! :redflip
blue95accord said:
Thats BOUGHETTO! I ride plenty. What's going on tomorrow Ice? Ryan and I will be riding most likely
Ice is coming down here to ride. You are coming down with. Cya tommorow.:redflip
blue95accord said:
I see Nags, you have my life planned? :laughing

Time, place?
I dunno.. Call Ice right now
icehot113 said:
ah, u never called, we rode the dirtbike today, i tried calling you like 4 times, but alas, no answer...
I dont think he really even bought a bike. If he did, he sure doesn't ride it.. :shake
icehot113 said:
i saw it once, it had a sticker on it with a phone number, i called the number and ruff ryder rentals answered the phone... maybe ur right.... :ar15 :ar15 :ar15
ahahahah :redflip :redflip :redflip BUSTED! :spam
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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