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Cool bike! I had an 1986 IT200 when I was younger. It was a great bike. I would consider buying an older IT490 if I seen a clean one around somewhere.

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Yes, the '86 IT 200 was the last of the ITs and it was a good one.... they still use the same engine in the Blasters quads.

Thats the one thing I didnt do to my bike,.....add the disk brake front end of the 200...

The 490s and 465s are WAAY too heavy and abrupt, at least for the tight twisty trails around me. You can get a TON of power out of the 250s....more than I would think you could ever use...

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Here is a list of the mods I have done to it....

All engine work was done by R.R.P.
( race-shop - )

Wiseco pro-lite piston big-bore
port/polish cylinder
flowed and matched cases
shaved head with modified squish band
bored carb
modified reed cage with Boyeson power reeds
lightened helical machine cut crank (turbo crank)
DG pipe and silencer
modified transmision gears and shift forks
Barnett dirt-digger Kevlar clutch/spring kit
kevlar grooved brake pads
full Race-Tech suspension
new piston rod
new crank bearings
new lower rod bearing
new swingarm bearings
new wheel bearings
Answer bars
aluminum BarkBusters
Acerbis brush guards
pipe bash protector
Moose HD tubes
filled tubes with Slime
new Ceet cover
Uni filter
airbox modded with foam vent inserts
anti-bog carb breather box (forget what it is called)
magnetic drain plug
new clutch and brake cable
carbon fiber fork protectors
HD O-ring chain
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