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My Journey

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Lets just say I was on a plane or a bus for 40 consecutive hours.

It started with leaving Kuwait. Six hour flight to Rome, I was excited about this but we werent allowed off the plane. We spent two hours in Rome waiting for our next flight time. Left there and landed in Atlanta 11 hours later(since alot of you guys are from GA, I thought about alot of you, not gay, while i was there). Waited another two hours there, and from there we flew to Topeka, Kansas. Now this is where i stopped. We had to bus the rest of the way to Fort Polk(get your maps out). Fort Polk is in Leesville, Louisiana. That was a 14 hour bus ride. So I finally arrive at Ft. Polk, my ass is killing me(once again, not gay) and i needed a shower as well as the rest of the people in the unit. Spent the night at Ft. Polk and now, I am home for Christmas...sitting in Beaumont, Texas :giddy. Its cold...but i dont bout to put on some gear...and hit the road for a couple hours.....peace out homies.

Time has started again...
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Glad to hear you made it safe :clap

I've been to Beaumont . . . kinda flat down there :p
Welcome back ! Sounds like a pretty brutal trip.

Thanks for doin' your thing over there ! :usa
Welcome home! Sounds like one helluva trip to get home, and in the end worth every minute of that 40hrs you spent getting home!!

Have a safe and Merry Christmas with your Family and Friends!!!!!
WTF? Why did y'all fly to Topeka? Why not just take the bus from Atlanta to Louisiana? No sense I tell you, no sense at all :laughing
Welcome Home, I know you're happy to be back :) (As are we ;))
Welcome home!
Have a great Christmas!
Welcome home :thumb Hope you have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. :)
I hope you had a gameboy, or something fun to do to pass the time.
:clap :clap :clap welcome home, and thank you for serving!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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