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Naked 'nelli

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Not sure when, but I really dig the concepts headlights. The underseat rads from the Tre are gone too :(
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Whoa! :eek
Cool! Reminds me of the KTM Duke V2 streetbike, though.
SWEEt LOOKING BIKE!!!! I like it alot!!!!
Ummm...yeah...Send me one now please!
Pretty nifty. So does the clay come in Gun Metal? :nanana

Gotta love the Adobe bike.

thanks to SNL for that inspiration.

k..i'm done.
Looks kool, but that seat..... OUCH!!!:mad and as if they think some girl would ride shotgun on that thing....!
Looks like it takes a bit to much off the back end too, a little more bulk maybe?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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