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Need 03R6 Exhaust hanger

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Got an 03 Race R6 and I am going to need an exhaust hanger. Doesnt need to be fancy but so far I can only find the Yamaha CF one for 100.00. Im not looking to spend 100 bucks on a hanger. Anyone have some links for other options. Pics are appreciated.

If I cant find one for a decent price Im gonna have to make my own I think.
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There is a guy on ebay that sell's brackets for like 15 bucks. Pretty nice, black powder coated. I've got one I'll sell ya for like 5 bucks if you want it. I had to cut it so it would work with the stock plastics, but still functional. check around on ebay and if you can't find it or don't wanna wait, e-mail me at [email protected] if you want mine.

~ Tyler
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