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First WERA race of 2006 this weekend at Talledega, WX forecast, 44F and chance of rain........ :(

Running V3 Beemer last year, tire warmers are not allowed. BUT I am going into 06 with a 1050cc bullet in my V3 chassis, which puts me up to Vintage 4 class. Among other things, I can use warmers in V4. Wish I had thought of this 2-3 weeks ago!

Anyway, if anybody has a set warmers they are not using this weekend and would lend them out, please let me know. Actually need 2 sets as this will be my son's first race weekend on his EX500, V5 class.

I'll gladly repay your goodwill in trading some service from my shop, mount balance tires, machining, TIG welding......
Mike Kelly
Stanley, NC
K1200RS GSXR1100
R75/5 & R100RS WERA # 158
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