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nelson rigg luggage....good, bad...?

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im need to buy luggage (saddle bags/tank bag) for my 6r since im going to be riding a lot to visit my girlfriend 200 miles away. i noticed on that this nelson rigg stuff is inexpensive, i can get a whole setup for less than $100 :D

my only concern is that it is cheaper than joe rocket....that cant be a good sign :eek
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I had an rtb-500 on the back of my F4i last summer and had the bungee cords pull out of the hooks while running 80 in a back road in Colorado. The bag was trashed and I had to get a back pack to load what was left in the bag so that I could get home. I was not able to keep the bag and send it back to Riggs.

Take a good look at the bag you get.
i have a set of nelson-riggs saddle bags (their most inespensive ones) that i took to bike week (daytona) last year. i got drenched on the 270 mile ride home, and my stuff in the bags was safe and dry, even without the waterproof liners.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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