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I've won an auction on Ebay for an NEW IN BOX XL Suomy Gunwind "Flowers" model and I just happened to try on one today (should have before, but no one around here carries Suomy) and the XL is too small. So, it's for sale for what I gave for it. I'll take $225 plus shipping.

It's this model:

Kneedraggers has it at $339. It's an awesome helmet, but I can't fit into it. I should receive it in the mail next week, and I'm sure it is what they say it is, because the ebay seller was an established off-ebay company that I have heard nothing but good reviews about. Email me to put dibs on it, I'll receive it, shoot you some emails to prove it is what I say it is, you say the word, paypal me and I send it to you.


PS: If you're in Tennessee and want it, I'll meet you somewhere to do the deal and save your shipping.

*edit* My email is [email protected]
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