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New riders. Good articles to read.

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THis was on another web site about 2 yrs ago.

So you want a sportbike huh? Before you go asking what bike is right for you, you should ask yourself a few questions first. Questions like,'Why?'. Why do you want a sportbike?
Because they are powerful? Because every single one of them out there on the market is beautiful as hell? Because all your buddies are getting them? If you have no or limited motorcycle experience and are considering a sportbike, consider a few other things first. First of all, it is my opinion that any modern 600cc sportbike is NOT an entry level vehicle. I base my opinion on everything I have read about them for the past 15 years. A few years ago a motojournalist took a stock Honda CBR600, used RTV silicone and a piece of plexiglass to make a bellypan, and raced it the Daytona 200. We are talking about a stock motorcycle in what is arguably the most prestiguous race in the United States. He placed 26th. Not the best finish in the race,but certainly not last place. Yes there was 25 riders ahead of him, but there was also a good number of riders BEHIND him, and keep in mind his was a completly stock motorcycles against fully preped race bikes. That should show you the performance potential of 'just' a 600cc sportbike.
You can look at almost any manufacturer specific forum on the website and read about someone who has just recently downed their bike. Thankfully the vast majority of them are about how they walked away. A few however are done posthumously. When someone comes in asks about wanting to get a bike, a first bike, and talks about all the different makes and models of the latest sportbikes, the overwhelming response in always the same. Don't get a modern 600cc sportbike for you first bike. We are not telling you not to get what you want. We are not trying to be your parents. We are not trying to tell you how to live you life. We are simply giving advice. Advice that some of us have learned the hard way, some of us have unfortunatly learned it through the loss of people we care about.
The majority of men and women that frequent this website like to see new riders. It means that the sport we love is growing. But sportbike riding is still just that, a sport. And like all other sports there is a certain level of skills and knowledge that need to be attained before a person can truely enjoy the sport and themselves while doing it. If you have never surfed before, you wouldn't dream of going out and buying a surfboard and paddling out into the 50ft waves of a storm in Hawaii would you? If you have never been on a skateboard you go and buy one at the local skate shop and head over to the skate park and drop in on the 12ft halfpipe with 2 feet of vert? The same can be said about inline skates, mountainbikes, even running shoes and so many other pieces of sports equipment. Just because the equipment is readily available does not mean that you are ready to use it.
There is basicaly one main reason for the majority of us to tell you start with an older, smaller bike. We all love our sport. For me,it has been a lifelong passion. We all want to see our sport grow. The key word is grow. Start small, lay a good foundation and grow. So what if you spend a year or so on a bike that isn't as flashy or shiny as that brand new sportbike in the window. This isn't about what you ride, it's about the RIDE. It's about being around in this sport long enough to get skills required to handle that sportbike.
I don't beleive that there is a single member of this community that will tell you to get out if you say your new and just got an LTD 440 or Honda Rebel 450 or any 250cc streetbike that has ever been manufactured.
Take a good look around these forums, there are a lot of very good people here. I could not begin to figure out how many hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge, skills, experience, and yes even humor that there is here. Please, I implore you, use the wealth of information and advice that is available to you here. We all want you to help us in making our sport grow stronger.

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Well I have some stuff to add to this topic.

First thing, NO ONE "outgrows" a motorcycle. I hear that phrase alot. Example, "Dont get a 500 you'll outgrow it in a month" or "just get the R6 instead of the 600R. Why buy a bike when you'll outgrow it in a month or two". Thats just BS.

Secondly. If you're a big guy/gal dont think just because its a 250-500 (or even a 600) that it cant handle your weight. It can. We had a 250lb guy on a EX250 here and he had a lot of fun on that bike. New 600's are putting over 100HP now. If still not convinced, think of this. Ever see a fat couple on a HD? You know the 300lb guy and 200lb wife/gf? Total weight around 1200lbs and the HD only has 50-60hp and will push them along at a pretty good clip. A 50-60HP bike is more than enough for a new rider to ride for a year or two. (this is just an example)

Lastly. TAKE THE MSF COURSE!!! Even though I never did, wish they would've had it here when I learned (was cancelled repeatedly for 3 yrs here), its should be a MUST DO for new riders. Also learn the basics and master them BEFORE trying to push the bike a bit. And even then, push your limits SLOWLY.
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