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New tires for the SV?

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Well, the original MEZ4's that came with my bike are getting down to the wear bars after about 6,000 miles. They've been OK, nothing stands out as being particularly good or bad. But I need to replace them with something...

Here's my riding style; can anyone help match me up with a good set of tires?

  • Currently running MEZ4; 120/60 front, 160/60 rear, both ZR17 (whatever that means)
  • I ride in all weather and all temperatures. Traction in the cold (esp. below freezing) and wet is essential.
  • I don't carve corners much---mainly because there aren't many corners to carve up here. I have chicken strips.
  • I do a lot of long-distance riding. Mileage is important to me. 10,000 miles out of a tire would be sweet, but...
  • I don't want to get a super-heavy tire---I enjoy nimble handling even if I don't get to use it much.

What do you all suggest?
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Here's a few sport touring tire links. The Dunlop D220 came stock on my SV. They're alright but I've only got 1k miles on it so I'm not sure how long they'll last, but I doubt any good handling tire is gonna last 10k miles.

Roadtec Z6


Pilot Road

I haven't tried any of the sport touring tires, but if the BT020 is comparable to the BT010 I would suggest the 020's.
Don't forget the Avon's also. I had AV35/36's on my SV and liked them very well and they held up very well. I would try a set of the new AV45/46 that are out. They feel great, wear very well.
Dunlop D220
Michelin Pilot Road
Bridgestone 020

Any of these will be good for the SV, but don't be looking for 10k out of them. Not many tires out there go that distance, unless you ride like a wuss.:p :nanana
why dont you just put another pair of mez4's on it? most sv riders that I know complain about the tire because they feel like it doesn't grab good enough for twisties, but it sounds like they'll work okay for the way you ride?
id say bt-020's
I'd recommend the BT-020 also. Have run them in the past on my commuter bikes and found that they wear great and have a decent amount of stick.
I am running Michelin Pilot Roads right now and they are really holding up quite well.

They are predictable also... and cheap.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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