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New year day/eve

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Any parties? Does anyone know what time the Harley ride is?:confused
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I was thinking about have a little shin dig but I found out I have to work the next day and thats sucks unless i just say screw it.......but anybody else doing anything:cruisin :toast
drsuzuki said:
Any parties? Does anyone know what time the Harley ride is?:confused

Yeah, as soon as you bring your Harley, we're all gonna ride it.:crackup
(OK, one last shot as I'm off over the horizon....gotta love it;) )

The New Year's Day ride starts at Harley at noon.
Harley?? OHHH, you mean Hardley

any day their Hardley is able to start is a party, anyway thats what I've heard.
Yeah..GOD DAMN Harley riders...I spent 2 weeks doing this damn bear on the front of a HD cruiser..the owner wanted this changed, and that changed...I took it to him yesterday for him to OK it before I drove it over to lawrence for install.he said 'looks great....that will work'. I get to Lawrence, the bike shop said 'he just got off the phone with us..told us to sand it off when it got here'. What a DICKLESS WONDER...reminded me of some other people I know how they dont have the balls to tell you the truth to your face. Oh well, Ill keep on spraying, and they'll keep on being dicks.

Just had to vent.

damn dude, thats fucked up, did you call him and rip him a new arsehole? or atleast leave a nasty message at the shop?
just put it on the bill under emotional reparations
Nah...the shop owner that I subcontract for told me that he couldn't pay me, because he wasn't getting paid for it. usually I dont have much contact with the customers. Usullay the shop gets the order, works out the details with the customer, bids it, then hopes that I am going to do it for under that bid (I usually am around 20% under without even asking them what they quoted the customer). Then they give me the peices, and explain what the customer wanted. It just so happened this time it didnt' come out right after the translation from the customer, through the shop, to me. So I had to talk to the customer to find out what he really wanted (I dont think he KNEW what he wanted in hindsight). The shop owner told me that if I wanted paid, I'd have to talk to the customer (which means that the shop is giving up on him..cause if I tell him what I was going to charge to do it..he'll be pissed at the shop for the markup). I told the shop that the guy lied to my face about the thing being 'ok', so I didnt' figure he would have the balls to stand behind any payment anyways. I wrote it off in the end..had a beer and went on to the next bike.

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