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New years from germany

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Well new years was definately pretty cool here in germany. Prettty much a good night until 2 stupid drunk soldiers decided to start a fight in the pub over a seat, and knocked into me and broke my 2nd bottle of wine. But oh well it was fun. And probably the last time I go out for a while. The euro rate is killing the american dollar and I don't want to stimulate the german economy any more. :redflip Have a good new year
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some more
some more fireworks, I missed it. A guy jumped over it and caught is pants on fire, but i couldn't turn my cam on quick enough to get the picture.
me and the old ball and chain
Happy new year Donnie:toast
thanks, you to misty. Tell Jeff, i will give you a call maybe tommorow.
Hey man - Güten Tag!

Happy freakin New Year to you too. :D
Happy New Year Donnie! Güten Tag!

MANY THANKS to you, and all of our service members, who are away from homes, family and friends during the Holidays. Sorry I was not here to hit you back on yahoo earlier :(

I'd just like to say, you guys rock :hail, and upon your return to your 'home' here with us, dinner is on me bud. :thumb

Stay well, travel safe, and kiss that pretty frueline once for me!
Well its Guten Morgen right now, but no big deal. Thanks boom, I definately will take you up on that offer. (Red Lobster) Oh I fixed that problem I was trying to ask you about on messenger.
Is she German or American Donnie? Is she 18 yet? :redflip

Happy (belated) New Year :thumb
Yeah, hahahaha Johnny. Yes she is german. but you would never know that by talking to her. Cause she learned her English from someone actually from England. So when she talks there is no real german accent. For a while that had me really confused until I finally asked about it. Anyway, have a good year johnny, and keep that R6 rollin:redflip
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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