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New Years Party-pics...

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Well, someone had to picturewhore for boomer at this one. :redflip
Had a good time y'all.
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Jacob, sporting his new blue 'do....
Forrest at the grill...sorry it was blurry.
Last pic
and none of "The Queen" herself?.........:(
I have pics as well, my fav WV Blonde! :laughing As soon as this fuggin migrane goes away, I will post up. And thinks she took time from cleaning, to pose for a few! :lol

Thanks again Kim, for a great get together, a chance to bring in the New Year's with great family and friends.
Heidi, right after coming home from surgery

Forrest pretending, and making vroom vroom noises....anyone check the local wakko hospitals, to see if he is missing?! :laughing

Allan helping Leslie in the kitchen, Arron, Andy (always on his ass ;)), and Brian holding the wall up

Allan, Liz, Arron, Arron's lady, Andy, Brain, and Forrest

Shasta Bear BEGGING to come inside! :laughing

Andy, his beautiful goat (inside joke ;)), and Brian

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Forrest The Grill King

Brian, Henry (Get out of the cookie jar! :eek), Elise, Andy and Forrest

Jacob and Kim launching a helicopter I got Jacob for Christmas

Kim, looking over her shoulder, for the leg humping R2D2 :rolling (You had to be there after the party to get the joke)

Arron, girlfriend, and Henry's wife Liz

Henry, Leslie, and Allan

New Year's Toasting - Arron, Brian, Kim, Andy, Leslie, Allan and Shawn

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Think I still have the digi slut title! :laughing Thanks again Kim, for a great time!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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