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This is the digs on all the nyc bike scene going down.First time on this board!

Where are all the cool people to chill with? Where are the places to eat at? Where are the bikes? Where are the mechanics? Where you can you wash your bike? How do you keep your bike from being stolen/parking (its one in the same)? Feel free to add anything I might miss. Maybe this will get to some of you and ferret some further/greater insight.

You have to have a bike, so if you don’t have a bike, well, why are you here? You can get one at on of the following places:

Cycle therapy, ill mention them first, cause they are this biggest bunch of crooks with the shitiest bikes, at ridiculous prices. They have all used bikes, and a full staff of monkey with wrenches just waiting to give your bike some therapy. If you take your bike here you need therapy. They have some apparel and videos and such.

Camrod, never really heard anything bad about them, not to say that I have heard anything good. Their prices are kind of high. You can get everything you need here, new bikes and used bikes. They sell Hondas and Kawasaki’s new. Don’t know much about the service department. High prices and pretty corporate, the BIG GUYS, but like I said, their reputation is solid.

Kings cycle, Brooklyn, huge showroom lots of bikes prices seem reasonable. For example, the price that they could work with on a Kawasaki zx7r was $8300 that was as far down as I could get camrod down to. I don’t know or have not heard anything about their service department. Salesmen are just that, I asked a few simple questions, and the salesman didn’t seem to know too much about the bikes. This place has any bike you could possible want. New or used. Someone once told me to go there and ask for steve.

Prospect cycles, Brooklyn, this is the place that I recommend to most everyone. They are a Yamaha dealership with some used bikes, family owned and operated. The cost put a smile on my Kawasaki, I was able to do a few other things with the money I saved. I was very impressed with their service and tune up. They put in a jet kit and set me up with tires. kawi ran really good. Ill be taking it out soon to get end of the season tune up. Always done me right. If you have had a bad experience, please chime in and let me know. I would be interested to hear the story. I can see how they can get things mixed up, a few of the guys that work there, think they are rock stars, but otherwise the owner mayo always will look over my bike and has a genuine interest in bikes and riders. They have some apparel and videos and such. Ask for a 10point check.

Powercycles in Manhattan I think on 95th between 1st and 2nd ave he does only repairs. There was only like 3 guys in this place, and about 150bikes. Don’t know if they are all junked, or stored, or still waiting to be repaired. The guy I spoke with was frank and blunt, good quality.

That about sums up the shops, there are some others, but I don’t know them, or have checked them out. This is my own personal review. Let move on to where you can get your bike washed. Personally, I have washed my bike 2times this summer; it’s for riding not really looking at. They have carwashes in Westchester with pressure hoses. There is no place in the city that I am aware of that has the pressure hose. Prospect cycle had a bike wash day, but that was way back in July.
There is a place in the upper east side, around the corner from powercycles that will wash bikes on Sunday.

Bikes are stolen everyday in NYC, and I have never heard of a single person getting their bike back. If you have then you are lucky. I have a disc lock, and a big ass kryptonite chain. There are several parks that are dedicated to bike parking only. If you look around you will see them. Lock your bike to something that cannot be moved. Definitely do this if you are parking overnight. If you are going out someplace, then just use your disc lock. If you have to park outside, like so many of us do make sure you lock your bike to something that cannot be moved. If you are totally paranoid, you can get a lockdown tracking system. Its a GPS user interactive device that will tell you everything about your bike. It will also reduce your insurance a lot. Theft insurance in nyc is a must, so don’t be a cheap bastahd, show your bike some love. Its all common sense really. Final note, if you are a thief, a lot of bad things are going to happen to you, it will catch up with you. Side note, I am a dealer for the lockdown tracking systems, so if you want one right away contact me for details.

Since the basics are pretty much covered, you need to have the gear. You all know that you are retarded when you ride without gear. Now there is not a lot of stylish gear for todays sportbike rider. Although I have to admit, its getting better.
You should check out mike over at avenue mc. he has helmets, jackets, gloves, pants, boots and even a huge television, that you are more than welcome to watch the past weekends racing on. He has stuff for the ladies and the fellas, and if you want something particular he will get it for you. Excellent pricing, this place is strictly gear. Fun place to hang out as well.

Now we are rocking. Tuesday nites is the night for bikers around the city. On spring street, the famous ear bar. It stands on what was once the shore of the hudson river. They have decent beers and food to eat. The food is OK nothing spectacular. You have a chance to see a lot of different bikes and meet a lot of cool people. A lot of guys on their ducatis and such. Few triumphs, few rice burners, my Kawasaki, mv agusta and a few aprilias. There is a lot to see, even meet some chicks that will ask you if you drive a ducati? Like a valley girl even. Grotesque!

From the ear bar you can take a nice daunt out to cafe moto. Its a new place. Billy is the man that came up with this spot. They have been open about 6weeks. Go over the Williamsburg bridge and its right there on Broadway. If you are heading over there from nyc, via the wburg bridge, stay on the outside of the bridge, there is construction on the Brooklyn side, and there is no exit to Broadway. Go east on Broadway, you cant miss the bikes. Lots of cafe racers, really nice bikes. Its cash only, beer and wine, light food. Its excellent pininnis, very reasonably priced. Rumor has it that he is going to have a lot more dishes on the menu. Rumor has it that, some really bad ass rock stars from this kick ass band blonde redhead hang out on their vintage cafe racers. moto guzzi, nortons, and really old honda cafe racers. fact is, its not a rumor, I have seen at least one of the guys.

Now onto the people, I would like to give props to inner-city raiders mc. I just met these guys, but I can tell they are great people. Good people, concerned with the direction of their sport. So big ups to them. Mike at avenue mc you rock. Fred you should ride the aprilia. Billy your place rules, its my new favorite spot. Special thanks to mayo for showing his love for our sport and his insight. If you are new to new york, welcome!


Here is the info for all the great stuff.

cafe moto - 394 broadway brooklyn, ny - 718.599.6895
camrod - on 11th ave between 45th and 44th st.
cycle therapy - i don’t think you should go here, so im with holding the information.

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Well what do you know ...


I started a Yahoo group around everything you put into this post because I just started riding last year and have found it hard to find good people to ride with consistently.

I try to keep a calendar of events with reminders for the group, pictures, polls, links and files people might find useful (like I am trying to get a windchill chart posted for people that refuse to stop riding). :D

I sent PM's to anyone I have seen with a locale of NYC but I am not looking to steal members over to my group. I just wanted something out there (which I hadn't seen) with which I could get in touch with those sport bike riders I see in the the city; other than chasing them down from behind.


In case you are wondering, I am indoors on this Sunday against my will. Next Sunday though, weather permitting, I am riding.
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