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NO AMA RACING AT VIR IN 2005? $#%@#$%

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Will There Really Be 11 AMA Rounds In '05?
no series sponsor and two rounds dropped?
by dean adams
Monday, December 20, 2004

It's probably not the kind of thing a sanctioning body wants publicized when their series is without a sponsor for the next season, but it is doubtful that there will be AMA Superbike rounds at Brainerd or Virginia International Raceway in 2005.

Brainerd International Raceway has been on the schedule--on and off--since 1983, but no current contract exists between the AMA and BIR for an '05 event. The track is currently for sale and while BIR sources say it will be business as usual next year, the parent company's CEO told Superbikeplanet last month that they'll "probably hold any races which are historically profitable". Obviously, the NHRA event is Brainerd's bread-and-butter race, taking in the majority of their revenue.

Meanwhile, in old Virginia, a nasty schism has developed between the AMA and VIR since the track's postponed race this season, with the track giving mixed signals whether they'll have the '05 event or not. No contract exists between VIR and the AMA for 2005.

Last week AMA Roadrace manager Ron Barrick referred all questions regarding Brainerd and Virginia to AMA VP John Farris.

Beyond the damage of possibly losing two rounds (to an already short in most persons' eyes series), losing rounds on good old fashioned road courses like Brainerd and VIR is especially painful for the purist fan.
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yep...saw that on WERA....hopefully they can get it worked out and continue to have the races.

That area needs it too...they are struggling for $$..the least little bit helps.

I hope they do get it worked out. Not much happening in Danville UNTIL VIR weekend. Everyone book hotels there when the ones near VIR fill up.

Sorry...had to say it. VIR, like our nation's capital, has a way of screwing things up.:rant

VIR had Speed Touring Car and Trans Am, plus Ferrari Challenge. Neither series runs there any more. The DC comparison comes from the 10 year American LeMans contract that was signed, one race was run, and no races were ever ran or promoted again. And there's the whole baseball fiasco.

Oh well, whatever happens, WHO'S GOING TO ROAD ATLANTA?!?!? SEE YA THERE!
Well, it's not totally VIR's fault really. I mean, year before this one they fucked up bigtime but this year was the AMA. Well, it wasn't really a fuckup but oh well.

And as far as the contract thing - there wasn't one last year either.

I think the main thing is there's no sponsor for the series this year.
It would just be sad to see racing other than NA$CAR leave the Virginia area.
That would really suck.
Awesome track...

Oh well!! Guess its time for us to dig in our piggy banks and sponsor the series......there goes my trip to Fiji this year... :(
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