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Laci Peterson's mother: 'Closure will only occur...when I die'

Associated Press

MODESTO, Calif. - With her former son-in-law convicted of double-murder and facing the death penalty, Laci Peterson's mother said she will never have closure in this life as Christmas Eve, the second anniversary of Laci's disappearance, approaches.

"There are no winners in a case like this. We are families who are suffering horrendous losses," Sharon Rocha wrote in a statement posted this week on the family's Web site.

"People tell me, 'Now you can have some closure.' There is no closure. We are only turning the page and beginning the next chapter in our book of life ... Closure will only occur for me when I complete my book of life, when I die," Rocha wrote in her first public comments since a jury imposed the death penalty on Scott Peterson on Dec. 13.

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