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On Our Way

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Well, Christian and I are on our way to Children's Hospital in DC, we have to be there by noon. Wish us luck, we should know more about his condition this evening. Thanks for the prayers, thoughts, and support, you all are a incredible group of people, and I feel lucky to consider you my friends.

So, I guess next "how many friends" thread, I'll have to say I have several thousand close friends who I talk to every day. (not to mention I tell them more than I'd tell my own mom :laughing)
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Youve got all my best wishes. I hope it turns out fine. :)
Fingers are crossed and prayers are being sent.
Best Wishes and prayers Excessa, Everything will be just fine. ;)
Hey me when you get back. I'm sure that everything will be great!
~LongRider~ said:
Youve got all my best wishes. I hope it turns out fine. :)
Political arguments are temporal aesthetics.

Children are everything.

Best of luck with getting your guy back home better than ever.
good luck... hope all is well. :)
Missed what happened.... Absolute best of luck to you and the little man!!! You have amazing inner strength... if/when you should run out, just come to us :) We're here for you hon *hugs*
Good Luck to you and yours Excessa.. my best :D
Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to you and Christian.
~LongRider~ said:
Youve got all my best wishes. I hope it turns out fine. :)

TLM :)
Best of luck to you both....
Continued best wishes to you and Christian!
Hey all, we're back. He didn't get the ct today, but his ear is getting better - infection wise, which was a biggie for me. I feel like ajerk, the one medicine that worked on tis infection was offerred to us back in November, but I declined it because it's awful tasting and smelling and Christian hates it.

So if I hadn't insisted on something better, the infection may not ahve lasted so long. Well, on second thought, we wouldn't be getting the Ct if the infection had been cleared, so maybe this is for the best. If the ER ENTs we saw on Sunday (was it Sunday? Crap I can't remember) are right, and it's a cholesteatoma, we're lucky his eardrum ruptured twice. Because without the ruptures, his surgeon would not be suspecting a cholesteatoma. His ear looks normal from the outside now.

That in itself is hard to believe, if you could've seen it when we went to the emergency dept the other night, you'd wonder how all that stuff coming out managed to fit in his head.

I'll keep you all posted, thanks for the continued support, you have really helped a lot.
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Good news. Thanks for the update
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