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del la sol said:
i say it owns it just because the B-King seems to have more appeal based on woo-ing the audiences at bike shows, taking stuff from a parts bin and slapping on some already made parts on it and squeezing in a 240 rear tire doesn't really do anything for the performance of our street bikes down the road, and if they do produce it you know it will probably merely be a street fighterish version of a tamed bike whose main selling point will be a 'busa motor... where as i think the honda is more of a design excercise for honda's engineers and it is totally one-off, i like its styling way more but also i think its features are more industry shaking and more likely to have an effect on what we could ride in the future
besides the suspension and body, the NAS is a VTR1000.;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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