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My copy of One Man's Island arrived this Thursday and excitedly I sat down to watch it while I prepared to go out to a concert later that night. Much to my chagrin the documentary is more about One Man's Ego than anything that has to do with racing or inspiration. If you're looking for a Discovery Channel style informational documentary, this is not the place to look. The DVD will probably just end up on the shelf for eternity from here on out.

There are a few good insights and an interesting history of the Isle of Man races, but one must filter through a world of blabbing to glean these insights and histories. There are a couple of interesting racing line insights with very scenic shots of old buildings and what would be very cramped riding conditions at 120+ mph with high banks and stone walls.

However, Mark Gardiner's ego seems to be the star of the show. With several minutes of commentary on concepts and what he believes he should be feeling rather than what he is feeling. For a movie about a passionate man it's rather dry and boring.

For a short, cameo interview appearance from David Jefferies and a few other TT winners and riders and for an insightful look at 2 or 3 corners and a brief history of the race I give this documentary 2 stars. I'll take the other 3 and save them for the AMA racing movie Huey just posted.
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