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only [FOK]er's need to look here

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30 K's :confused .........can I get an.....UUUHHH !!!!!
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What did you do,go in a newbie room and smoke a bunch of 12 year olds:redflip how the hell you get that many kills,and why didnt you call me so i can play:shake
Come on Tin I thought you quit going to those Respawn rooms :nanana

Seriously. Nice Foking Job!!!
Blah..I was there..he got 28 of those kills just from offing his own team....I saw it, I have the video...can send it to whomever would like.... :)

Just kidding...WOW...30 kills in a non-respawn room?? My GAWD! Way to go on MVP.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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