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Oregon Riders!!

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How about a shout out for all the Oregon Riders!!:bluecreep

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RockstEdy in the house. Wasssup Lynch :redflip
Sup man!! Guess there are no Oregon riders out there.... Bummer

I'm here, this is a cool site, might have to move over here, cooler smilies and I can do this:redflip and this:twofinger , lol.
Anyone know if they'll be running the drags Friday night at PIR? I'm going down to hangout at the PSSR trackday today and thought about running the drags.
Lynchmawb said:
Sup man!! Guess there are no Oregon riders out there.... Bummer

Most of the Oregon peeps are here:

I believe that this site is going to be reaalllyy big. So will have to go back and fourth for now and see :redflip
This is a very interesting format. I'm using the apocolypse and like it. If the rest of the Oregon crew was down I'd stick around.
Yeah I'm using the Apoco format too, love it. Like the site better too better overall but can't seemed to get more of the crew over here to try it, oh well.
Much better than the old site! Just need to get some more riders here as well!!
Iam too, Siletz down here next to Newport, over here on Hwy 229 ;)
November the 2nd there is an International Sport Bike Meetup day, Check for the area nearest you by zip code at
I'll be at Star Bucks on N. Kings at 1:00pm as will every one will be were they will be at 1:00pm every were there is a meet (Internationaly at their perspective times of 1:00pm)
More and more of us here now.
Be checking back in every night from now on at about 7pm-3am
:hi Hey all. Man, am going to have to watch this board and the .ws board. Man I hate having to be a newbie again.:redflip

They have cool smilies here also......:cigar
Hay welcome aboard there !. YA- smiles ARE cool :dj :dance4
< vain attempt to fool washingtonians into thinking that oregonians post here >
Nice Smokee - I was off at first with the Year being 2002 - But now I got ya.........

How'd you do that??
Hey now you oregon people leave:redflip :redflip this place is for the washington people to fu*k around in:redflip :redflip :redflip

Just kidding, Finally some Real Oregons start posting in her.
Welcome to the Boards.
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Dude.. who invited you to Oregon? :confused :eek

- Matt
I Guess Aiden didn't get Smokees Little Joke on us.

These are Fake Oregon People..As opposed to??????
:rolleyes :redflip
Tacticalsolutions said:
Booger's twat farted:redflip
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