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OT: Lifting a Toyota

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Checking out lift kits for my 00' Taco today, I found a 3" RevTech suspension lift for a good price installed. Is Revtech a good kit? Also, anyone know if I can fit 33's under a 4x4 tacoma? Right now I'm rollin 31's, and I think it might be goofy lifted with 31's.

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I would not wast my money on a 3 inch. 5-6 inch should be decent.
SV996R said:
I would not wast my money on a 3 inch. 5-6 inch should be decent.
I dont think you can get a 6 inch suspension lift, only a 3" body and 3" suspension lift. Also I don't want to have to move the driveshaft, adding to the cost.

The white one has 6" lift total with 35"s , the grn one with 3" lift and 33" tires.
Or be like me and drop it 3inches with beltech drop spindles and set it on 1996 turbo supra rims :nanana (only person to stick mk4 supra's on a toyo truck that i know of ... over 200hrs of fabrication work of narrowing the frame, rearend, building new shock mounts, new leafspring mounts which all got moved inboard about 4inches) all that work just to stick some 255 in the rear :rant :nanana

It will get a turbocharged/alochol injection motor soon as I can afford a speedpro or dfi7 box...lots of money :(

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check out there are lots of guys on there with lifted yotas to help ya out.
Kewl thanks:D
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