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I recently bought a bike from a salvage yard in pittsburg and i thought it would be interesting to see what happened with the wreck and how the guy is... heres the info anyone know someone that had a bike like this and wrecked it in the past two or three months

2001 Suzuki GSX-R 750
i got it with 6k miles on it
has flush mounts on the front and a undertail, might of had a micron exhaust b/c it had a micron sticker on the swing arm, also on the rear of the bike it had a flag i've never seen before, it was like this only the bottom part was black just like the top, not white

the key came with a keychain from Bohn Cycle of Pittsburg, PA so i'm thinking thats where it was purchased... heres a pic of a identical bike with the same undertail, only it had a stock pipe or a micron
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