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for those of you, who have ridden or ride at MXGP motocross track know that this is a great place for all types of riders with mx school and plenty of racing action. but some people think otherwise and are trying to shut it down.

MONROE, Wash. - Owners of an illegal motorcycle racetrack on Snohomish County farmland have asked the county to give them until May to seek a change in the state’s Growth Management Act.

Snohomish County is trying to shut down the racetrack built without permits on farmland outside Monroe. But those involved with the track say they should be given a chance to work on a political fix that could allow recreational facilities on land once used for crops or cattle.

The case is the latest twist in the ongoing debate over sports fields on protected farmlands.

The racetrack issue has become part of a hearing examiner’s case that continues this week.

Two Snohomish-area Little League teams are facing a May deadline from the county that requires the groups to get permits for illegally built ball fields or remove them.

The county has also told the owners of the racetrack property to remove the facility.

But Dave Remlinger and Steve Davison, who own the property under the name Academy Holdings, say they’re being treated unfairly and should be given the same May deadline so they can lobby for a change in state law or find a new location for the racetrack.

“To shut them down arbitrarily now, treat them differently than soccer and softball are being treated is inequitable,” said Thomas Adams, Remlinger’s attorney.

It’s also shortsighted, Adams added, noting the economic impact of the racetrack.

Gary Strode, co-owner of MXGP Inc., the company that built and owns the racetrack and is leasing the land from Academy Holdings, said the racetrack has brought four motorcycle-related businesses to town, as well as filling hotels and restaurants on race days.

Denise Beebe, a berry farmer who lives nearby, said that argument misses the point.

“You’ve got to follow the rules like everybody else,” she said.

Beebe says the track is a noisy menace that’s hurting the quality of life for those who live nearby.

“It’s louder than the farm machinery that’s in the field right next to me,” said Kate Halstead, a farmer who grows organic heirloom tomatoes and peppers. “I can hear the dirt bikes over a tractor.”

She also expressed concern that the racetrack is an inappropriate use of disappearing farmland and could drive up land prices for farmers.

The soil in the Tualco Valley is sandy loam up to 20 feet deep in some places, and is ideal for farming, Halstead said.

“I throw seeds out there and I have to stand back so they don’t hit me in the chin,” she said. “It’s embarrassingly easy to grow things here.”

The ground has been fertile for the racetrack as well. MXGP charges admission to its events, and the biggest last year attracted 468 riders and about 5,000 spectators.

Three racetracks exist on the property, which is also used for motorcycle schools. Four baseball fields and soccer fields also have been built without permits.

Remlinger said other farmland in the county has been developed without permits.

“You can’t be selective in how you enforce your rules,” Remlinger said. “I think that what we did down there is not out of line with what was done all over the county.”

those assholes!!!:rant lets see em try:ar15

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As much as I'm in support of the track at Monroe, if they didn't get the required permits then what did they expect? :confused I hope to God the track stays, but they kind of had it coming if they just tried to fly under the radar.

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Someday, when I'm rich, I plan to buy up a large chunk of farmland and build a track on it - be it street, dirt, whatever. I've wondered how difficult it would be to do so. If, say, I just used the track for myself and my friends (not a business), would permits even be required? The article made it sound like they had to remove the track.

It kinda pisses me off, because farmers can just sit on their land for years at a time without growing a damn thing and still get free money from the govt just for keeping it farmland. At least a track is supporting the economy and local businesses.
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