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Picked up an OGK FF4 last week.

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Pics later.

Bit of background, I also have an Arai Quantum /e, 2 Arai Quantum /f's, an Arai RX7 Corsair, and an old HJC LT12 (mainly for autox).

The OGK fits my head very nicely. The liner is completely removable, and the shield is extremely easy to take on/off. It's just a matter of holding in a button on the outside of the helmet and pulling the shield off. I havent gotten to road test it yet, since there's snow on the ground, but I've heard it's a fairly noisey helmet. Of course, it's DOT/SNELL certified. I got it for a really good price, since the shop i bought it from has seen literally thousands of dollars from me. Also picked up a light tint shield.

-looks to be well made, except the vent levers on top of the helmet
-easy to change shield
-completely removable liner
-graphics look very nice, as does the general shape of the helmet
-not everyone and their mom has one
-the shields all have provisions for tear off's, and the helmet even includes 1.
-the helmet bag can double as a small backpack, similar to the ones people put their running shoes in.

-the vent levers feel cheap, and almost like theyre going to fall off
-feels a tad heavier than my RX7

All in all, I think i'll be wearing this more than my RX7.
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You'd been talking about getting that OGK for a while. Congrats. :D
GoodKnight said:
Pics later.



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