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Pics FyreChyld Requested

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Front View

(Sorry about the pic sizes, I tried to make them smaller but the file size got bigger!!!??? :( )
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Left Side

You'll notice no license plate or rear turn signals... The previous owner was was going to fit them and never got around to it. I fabricated a bracket to hang the plate, and installed a set of flush mount turn signals on the rear pod.
Thats a beautiful bike! The last two pics wouldn't open for me?
I'd love to know how I could import one into Canada..trying to find info, not much luck.
That bike is absolutely stunning! If more manufacturers would make their 250's look like that, I think there would be a lot less stigma surrounding started bikes. Awesome bike!!:thumb :thumb :thumb
what is the weight of the RS250?
Thanks folks! ;)

k9zgirl - the RS goes about 308lbs stock(um, 140 kg if I did the math right...). I was told mine goes ~295 or so with the stock pipes removed and a few carbon bits here and there.

Corey, I completly agree. If the manufactures quit treating 250's as a gap filler for their bike lines, they could produce some tremendous lightweight bikes. As it is, the majority of folks think they have to have 130+ RWHP to go fast, or maybe they are just compensating for *other* things that are small...

As for me, I enjoy riding (and whooping bigger bikes) with my itty bitty two-fiddy! :laughing
Wow...that's nice! :thumb
Sweet bike! I wish I could take the Aprilia's fairing off & put it on my Ninja 250 ;)
Very nice, how hard was it for you to get your hands on that bike if you you dont mind my asking, and how much did it set you back? I love that thing, I was wondering though, why the steering dampener?
That's a beautiful bike! You are so fortunate to have that. I'm so jealous! :redflip
Thanks all.

It really is a awesome bike and I do feel very fortunate to have it.

The way things are in the world right now has it being more of a garage ornament than anything else though... :(
But, spring is right around the corner and maybe I'll actually get to stay home this year...

Candyman - The boring version of how I found the bike is somewhere in one of the other threads on this board. Sorry for not linking to it, but I flew till late last night (early am today) and I'm feeling a little lazy this morning.

The steering damper isn't needed for street riding as far as I'm concerned. I don't have the skill (nor does anyone else IMHO...) to push this bike that hard to really NEED one. You'd have to be doing some real crazy stuff to even approach putting enough stress/torque on the forks/frame to get it to wobble that bad. That being said, I took it off for about 15 minutes when I got the bike and quickly realized that the *look* of the bike just isn't the same without it.
I have gotten the bike to *shake* mind you, but like I said, not enough that I would have put one on if it wasn't already there...

msstang808- Heck, I'm the one that's jealous! It's about 30 degrees right now! I bet you're still on the beach... or at least WARM! :laughing
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Did you poish the rims or did that come when you got it? If so, can you give me a run down on how ya did it? I used Aircraft paint stripper and it didnt seem to work much at all on the spokes/center of my rims, only on the edges. Thanks

P.S. can you resize that pic of the right side and make it smaller? I have very little photochoping skills
ApriliaRacer said:
msstang808- Heck, I'm the one that's jealous! It's about 30 degrees right now! I bet you're still on the beach... or at least WARM! :laughing
:nanana It is nice to ride almost all 12 months out of the year. Although the roads can be pretty crappy after the heavy rains during the "winter" season, potholes everywhere!

I showed my hubby the pics of your beautiful bike and he just about started to drool all over himself, and he's not really a bike guy too. Now I definitely know what I want for next Christmas! :laughing
Candyman - The bike was already polished when I got it. The previous owner told me how many hours he had in it with a grinder and buffing wheel. I don't remember exactly, but it was upwards of 25 or more if I'm guessing right.

I'd love to resize that pic, but *cough* - I ain't smart enough!

msstang808 - I hear ya on the :nanana ! I was just through Hickam AFB back in Oct. Ya'll piss me off! :p
Theres nothing like the sound of a two stroke, ding, ding, ding. I love a two stroke. I would kill for a TZR250. Aprilia's got it going on when it comes to aesthetics. You've got a sweet bike. My husband loves "sleeper" bikes. Coming up to those 600 - 750's and then blowing them away with his 2 stroker. What a hoot!
Candyman said: I used Aircraft paint stripper and it didnt seem to work much at all on the spokes/center of my rims, only on the edges. Thanks

I heard the spokes/center of your rims are grainy & a different texture from the lip of your rims. That's why it's easier to do the lip vs. the center
I used aircraft stripper on my rims as well. The center spokes are very grainy and hard to get perfectly clean....after spending a ridiculous amount of time on mine, I decided it wasn't worth the pain, and painted the center black. Due to the texture, they weren't going to have the look I wanted anyways, so it made more sense just to paint them. I like the way the outer rims look stripped though, they shine up nicely.

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