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Pics ::: Ride ::: Sunday 12.28.03

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Pics - ::: Ride ::: Sunday 12.28.03

Here's some pics from today's adventures..

Meeting up at Chili's at 1pm. I think we were all thinking the same thing.

Where's Tony??:confused
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The track whore's!

...with the big Yellow Honda Civic in the background!:D
Jim, you missed a nice bike!
Stopped for gas and some snacks!
Our passengers and TRIPOD Racing's LEAD RIDER!
The Civic at the gas pump... How many gallons does that thing hold?:nanana
Erwin, you look a little cold..
Stopped at Round Valley for some Kodak moments!

Hey, how did that red and white "JUNK" get in the pic?:redflip
Look at that beautiful masterpiece in the pic? (front center)

Oh yea, the three stooges in the back... What's going on there? Tony looks like he's reading the Handicap sign!:laughing
The reservoir looks nice this time of year!
Group shot with the lake behind us.
This time I was ready for whatever came out of Michael's ass!!:p
Some day I hope to have one of these "big boy" bikes!!

pics so soon ... nice pics 'charlie' :p
great pics pete! How cool was it to be riding on Dec. 28th:D I got a few pics, my photo software is acting up again so I'll post them later.
Kewl pics - thanks for sharing. :thumb . . . I miss riding.
nice pics :thumb... you guys look cold. :laughing
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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