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Playground riders SOUND OFF

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Who all has been here?

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Since I'm in the above posted picture, I guess I can say yes :p
Well I've ridden 421 a couple of times, so guess I can say I'm here.
Clay said:
Since I'm in the above posted picture, I guess I can say yes :p
Right beside ya bro..... Literally!! :D :p
I recognize my balding head in the top picture. :rolleyes:
I have been there a couple of times. I think I like it even better than the Gap! Seems to rain everytime I go though!!:mad:
You guys need to come down to our litle playground in the N.GA mountains sometime. Some really nice roads and they are in pretty good shape.
Great road! I like it better than Deal's Gap. Too bad TN loves laying down some gravel, or the other roads in the area would be awesome too.
Ive been there a time or two!!:D
Where is that place:confused

I thought it was a Harley hangout
Been there, done that.
Been there, done that, and bought several shirts too boot! Just got home from a weekend up there, and am in the process of making future plans for up there!

Thanks Clay, Tammy, John, Leslie, Steve, and Brian for a great weekend! Kathie and I had a blast, and very much appreciate the hospitality! Looking forward to the next trip up!
ripTOOL said:
Been there, done that.
werd G :D
What's the Playground?

Is it anything like this?
look...its the part I'm consistantly slow in :)

hold on....that would be the whole playground :(
sorry JT ill call the department of transportation in both states and have one moved, would you like 221 moved to 421 or visa versa
1 - 20 of 85 Posts
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