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Positive reflections on 2003!!

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From what I've seen on many threads, it seems as if I'm not the only one who won't remember 2003 as their all time favorite year...

That being said, I'd like to try and forget some of the less than positive parts of the year, and try and focus on what was good... maybe others would like to join me??

For me the positives have been;

Learning (again) that heartbreak is not the end of the world. It sucks, but, it served to remind me that I am strong and can get through anything.

I got the job that I currently have in 2003, and given the state of the world economy, for it's good and bad, I am extremely grateful for it.

I found CF in 2003, and with it, new friends. The random acts of kindness shown, and advice and support given, have been an unexpected pleasure! And thanks to some of the guys here in Michigan, I've gotten to spend more time on the back of a bike than I have in quite a while!

There is a lot more, but this post is really long... I think you all get what I'm trying to accomplish with it though.

Happy 2004 everyone...

ETA: This is not a drunk and sappy thread!! This is a sober and sappy thread!!! :p
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OK, I'll play. I had a Deal's Gap trip with a bunch of St Louis locals that couldn't be beat. I finally got re-employeed in the final quarter of the year, with a company that seems to really take care of it's people. ANd I can't forget making it to CF NE meet, and all those memories.
I got married to my best friend. And she's a chick.
Well I finished college in 2003, Broke my ankle in 2003, Helped my best friend's GF cheat on him in 2003...Cant remember anything else at the moment. If I remember anything I'll update this. I still dont know if this year was possitive or negative:confused
Hmmm, yes. Lots of good memories, too much to share, but I think 2004 will be better. No...I don't think it will be, I'm gonna make it better. :) Too many surprizes in '03, some pleasant but the rest were mostly the kind of surprize you feel when you put on a pair of undies you had accidently crapped into the night before.
JackInTheBox said:
Too many surprizes in '03, some pleasant but the rest were mostly the kind of surprize you feel when you put on a pair of undies you had accidently crapped into the night before.

:laughing :laughing :laughing :laughing :laughing
Hmmm... no tickets or accidents this year. :clap
Met some cool people through CF (see 2up's post).
Unexpected promotion late in the year.
I became an "uncle" twice when my bestest friends had their children. :thumb
Did I mention no tickets or accident? :laughing
hmmm....2003....well I am positive its over.....that is a good thing....positive that if the pain I endured on Monday for my back does not fix things I will be in the hospital once again .....positive that the car I worked so hard to make my own is totalled because some POS couldn't do his job I was a good year....I can still walk ( however wobbly right now it may seem I can walk)....and I do have a looks good already
Scot said:
I got married to my best friend. And she's a chick.
:crackup Had to make the distinction did you?
I can only hope that 2004 will be a better year with some better choices on my part!
Rue said:
I can only hope that 2004 will be a better year with some better choices on my part!
It'll be better all around. We have no choice but to get better. Maybe this year, I'll be your shoulder when needed.

It's been great learning about everyone on here. Loves you gals, Likes you guys. This time I'm not drunk, so you know I mean it.
I bought my R6

I was able to do what I told my brother I would to (I told him a 14 that I would help him get a car when he was 16) and gave him a car, rims and stereo.

Spent some time with family

Been under stress but haven't done anything to get my butt put in jail. If I make it through January the I should be kool.

I started weight training twice this year. I happy about that. I just started again a few weeks ago. I stopped days before my March trip to Florida. I plan on sticking to it.

I beat my income goal by $2000 set in grade 7.

Lets see what you have to bring me 04. You can't beat me. I'm ready for ya.

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I woke up and was still breathing...that's a good start for '04...
2up is drunk! but so am I :redflip

amyways, 2003 was alright. i grew up (a little) and realized i wasn'tinvinceible (totally anyway). I dunno, i can be like jon super and say i didn't get into any wrecks or tickets cause i got ummm 5 tickets i think (all dropped except one though) and 2 wrecks. one wreck wasnt'm y fault though i hit a deer. sucks but i got a better bike :nanana
2003 was a wild year on both sides of the spectrum. I arrive in 2004 with all the family I started with in 2003 :thumb I lost one great friend to cancer :( Apparently God needed him more than we on Earth did. Despite the irreplaceable friendship lost, I have met many new friends and a very special friend through the course of the year. I started a new job that I really enjoy, moved into my own crib and networked it into technoblivion. I also managed to acquired enough free hardware to build my own baby version of NORAD for no other purpose than to say "I did it!" (Or maybe do something worthy with it like open a breakfast shop and cook eggs on all the processors :D )

Come on 2004... let's get rich together! :D
Well, it's been a good year for the most part, there have been moments that sucked, but really, I am so fortunate, I'd be wasteful to dwell on the bad with so much to be thankful for.

I got to realize my long held and paralyzingly intimidating dream of becoming a professional writer. I became re-acquainted with riding, compliments of the YZ from hell, and realized I didn't actually forget how to ride, I was just scared.

I became a nicer person and a better mom through just trying to understand people's (including my children's) reasons for doing things that annoy me.

I have come to really know my son's strength, courage and humor through his surgeries.

This was the year we discovered what was causing Sierra to have kidney stones, and she has not passed a single one since we switched from our well water to bottled water. We have had to accept that there is an underlying disorder that caused her body to absorb excessive amounts of calcium from her diet, but once we got rid of that one source of calcium, her pain subsided. Thanks to Booger. :D

I got to spend the year with my family, whom I love, and I got to spend it here you all, who I also love.

Happy New year you guys! Let's hope for an even better one.
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I bought my SV and found CF :)







other than that, come to think of it, my year pretty much sucked :shrug
I went to sleep alone every night in 2003 :nanana
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Let's see:

Robert Jr turned 4 ( 11/13 )
Ashley 2 (2/13 )
Michael 1 ( 8/27 )

And much more!!! Good year for us!!!
Went to war in '03, which is good and bad. Found CF, bought my bike...but I'm still waiting for it to get here.:mad
I'm positive that it is now 2004.
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