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Okay...for all of you post whores. Anything over 10 posts, will allow you to change your "nickname". There is indeed a 30 second post rule, where as at the *other* site it was 60 seconds.

That being said, be aware that the admins are starting to complain about "post races". If one is come across one, they are generally being killed- deleted. "Post racing" is frowned upon. There are several in the NC forum already...hence the poll about Charlotte getting it's own forum. If you notice that one of your threads drops, then you will know why it was closed.

Here are the title names, and the amounts.

Extreme Newbie
(Minimum Posts: 0)

Curb Monkey
(Minimum Posts: 50)

Moped Rider
(Minimum Posts: 250)

Scooter Chaser
(Minimum Posts: 500)

Two Wheeled Demon
(Minimum Posts: 1000)

CF Junkie
(Minimum Posts: 2000)

That's all folks

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Narf said:
:laughing that's good!
Now it's funny. It wasn't to damn funny when my big ass went sliding across the pavement.

Actually, it was.:redflip :redflip :redflip
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