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Question: Picture out of VID

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What proggy should I use to do a screen capture out of a video? Thanks..
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print screen! or any dvd program should have the option to grab a pic....
Bootleg chinese style! Pause it and take a digi-pic of it!
You can download a trial copy of Adobe Primere, and import your video clip then export a single frame as a JPG, Tiff, or whatever...

Not sure if they'll watermark it since it's a trial copy.

If you have photoshop, you could also try the print screen.. and paste into a new doc in PS.

If your talking about video off a DVD, they may disable the print screen function on your box..
Print screen won't work with several of the media players. I've tried it w/ a couple w/ no luck - Win Media and Real Media
R1ceRocket said:
Bootleg chinese style! Pause it and take a digi-pic of it!
:laughing :werd

- Matt
i did it last night with power dvd and photoshop.. worked like a charm!
photoshop pulls it straight out thanks i was being lazy.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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