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Radio/Cd Player

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Has anyone fixed up a CD player on there ride? I am thinkin of getting a tank bag and putting one in there and putting a little 4 inch speaker under the back seat and a couple of tweeters in the front. Any ideas?
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I just run a cd player in my tank bag... and I took apart some head phones and put just the speakers in my helmet... My HJC has little pockets made for a chatterbox... But my Shoei did not.. So I wear my HJC when i want to listen to music...

My new cd player cost me $29.99, and it comes witha wired remote that the head phones plug into... Then I just clip the remote on the out side of the bag... Then run the headphone wire up to my helmet... Works awesome for me!!!!

I will see if I can post a few pics in a few minutes

Remote controller


Note: My shoei would have required some double sided sticky foam or something to mount the speakers in the ear area... But the HJC has little pockets that work perfect

Hope this helps
Cool, I tried something like that but when i would hit a bump my cd player would skip and it wasnt verry loud. I think i am going to buy a tank bag and a cheap cd player and run a 4 inch speaker to the back seat.
That one I bought was $30, and has a 20 sec skip protection,,, and I have wore mine on many high speed runs... Near top out, and I could hear it very well the entire time... Just my 2 cents. Trying to say ya some cash man.. Plus I am not sure if you will be able to hear the speaker under the seat with your helmet on.. Certainly if you are on the high way? Just my guess.:confused
I dont think you'd be happy mounting the speakers on your bike.

I used to run my MP3 player kind of like what Jon is decribing except I used some Sony brand ear bud speakers that wraps over your ears..they were pretty comfy but they started to hurt on longer rides. They were also very loud and clear..

Now I just pipe my MP3 player through my Chatterbox..The speakers just slide into some pockets (that I made by cutting the fabric in my cheek pads and stuffing the chatterbox speakers down into the ear indentions in the cheek pads). I can hear it crystal clear and as loud as I can take it..:eek

A CD player with very good skip memory will work pretty good, especially if you can put it in a tank bag with some padding..if you want absolutley no skips then get yourself a MP3 player or jukebox...
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Here's a pic of those Sony "ear bud" speakers..
Isn't riding enough entertainment? :confused
Yeah, but ya got to have some tunes on long straight roads betwwen the twisties... Or on road trips, One time we road like 3hrs to a bike show, and it was a long boring ride... I didn't have any tunes at the time. :shake
Another thing to look into is legality. Headpones are illegal in some states.
Try riding a 7 hour trip from Abilene, Texas to Ponca City, Oklahoma! We took the long way and my ass was sore!!!! Sure did wish i had some tunes like my dad did on the Goldwing. I have a pretty good idea on what i am going to do. I am going to buy a new wind screen and mount a car stero behind it and mount 3.5 inch speakers close to the front.
:confused hmmmm,,, Will all that fit up there on a RR?
Should, I need to buy a Stero. Walmart has one for 80$ i already bought 2 8$ speakers cheapos incase they get wet i wont be loosing alot of money. I plan to fit it right above the spedo and angled with the front shield. build like a wooden shelf to starp it on to and run wires and crank it up. think i am going to put a tiny sub in the trunk and when girls get on it give them some real vibes!:p Its just an idea im not sure how this will work ill post some pics when i fix it up
why not get marine speakers that will handle water if you must go through with this idea :confused
Well, bud I think this idea will flop unless you are planning on staying below 30mph. Keep in mind, it works OK on Gold Wings, etc becuase they got that big assed windscreen to block off the wind noise. But let us know. :p

Listening to tunes on a bike can be a touchy subject.
I love it on long rides. My choice I guess.
Hey, are you an okc rider? I watched videos of them and they are bad ass! I dunno how the stero will work out but i will work on it.
Dont take that post the wrong way. I hope it works out for you. It was just my 2 cents.

Did you go to and check our videos? Jon and I are on that forum.
Yeah i looked at it after i posted. Killer shit dude! And check this out the spearkers i bought are water proof! just read it on the package i was like holy .... cant wait to start working on it. im visiting my dad in Tonkawa but ill be home in Texas at the end of the week. Love your bike bet it hauls... later
i took an amp out of a pair of cheap computer speakers...hooked it up to 12 volts and pluged my cd palyer into it and ran a line into the back of my helmet (arai) with speakers velcroed into the sides in the ear pockets....that setup pun intended...LOL
Hey Nuclear_Nanner600R,
Next time you are down this way with your bike let us know... We would be happy to show you around central Oklahoma.. Although most the roads around here are straight as an arrow, But we have a few areas that get twisted!!!

Hope your idea works out...
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