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Raleigh, NC - who lives here? I have questions...

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First off, thanks for taking a look at my post, I appreciate it. Due to work circumstances, I may be moving to the Raleigh/Durham area. Right now we live in St. Louis, MO and I need to know just how much of an adjustment it will be, financially. From what I’ve seen on some real estate sites, the housing looks to be pretty similar in cost for what you get. One thing that I noticed was that most of the houses that I looked at didn’t have basements in them. Is this common, not having basements? Also, many of the houses had two car garages, but not many had 3 or 4 car units. Again, is this common?

What particular areas of Raleigh should I stay away from? You know what I mean. In all cities there are always certain parts of the city that are better left unexplored. It’s a big decision, buying a house in a new city so we want to make sure that we get in the right spot.

How are the Raleigh public schools? Our son is only 19 months old, but when he does start school, can he go to the public schools, or should we send him to a private school?

I’ve just got a ton of questions, so if you can help me with some of these and other questions I’m sure to come up with, I’d love to talk to you. If you’re interested in helping me learn more about Raleigh and the type of atmosphere it offers, please PM me and give me a phone number so I can call you.

Again, thanks for taking the time to read this and offer any help you can.

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Crap... here I was trying to be nice and move this to the area where people could answer this gent's questions and I stuck it in the wrong sub forum.
Is your company helpingyou relocate?
If so there should be some sort of relocation agency to assit you with that.....
it might be woth to rent a townhouse fora year? until you get the area down and learn more about it? whichis whati'm going to do in RI

But when i was going to possibly move down to NC last year, they told me that the suburb of Cary NC was an up and coming area of raleigh, maybe 20 minutes out? but worth it... looked nice..
I would suggest Apex, NC. Right outside of Cary, near raleigh, and a lot cheaper to live in. :thumb
Apex, Cary and I want to say Garner if I remember right are all pretty nice areas! I would try the rental thing for a year also. I just moved out of that area, and am in a townhouse now. Was going to buy and backed out . Almost a year later and the area we "thought" we would like, is the last spot we want to be in! The year went quick too, we will be looking to move in just a few months.

Ill tell you now traffic in that area isnt the best. They are still building and the roads arent growing as quickly as they need them. If your in St.Louis youll know all about shitty traffic conditions. Except the ones youll run into are fixable, where St.Louis is just screwed:laughing
Cary is a nice town and it has a good public school. At least the public elementary school was nice, very nice. My son went there for a couple of years and I was pleased with it, never had any problems. They also have a great football program for the kids, it's not run by the school but by the city. My ex-wife worked in downtown Raleigh and it was a mere 20 min. drive for her from Cary, although she did say she was taking some back road somewhere. Garner is also nice just not as nice as Cary as far as the comfort of living.
I lived in Raleigh for 5 years and it is my second choice of places to live in NC just slightly behind Charlotte. Cary is a nice area but expensive and way too many restrictions. And yes, the norm here is no basement. If you are lucky enough to find a house with a basement, it will generally not have a backyard, just a slope. Apex would be my suggestion for living, close to Raleigh without the higher cost. Also, alot of people in that area move to the next county out, Johnson County. Less taxes and still close enough to work in the Raleigh area. The schools up there are pretty top notch. My wife is a teacher and taught there the 5 years we were there. They really invest money in the schools or at least they did 4 years ago. Feel free to send me a PM with any questions and I will be glad to try to answer them. If I can't, I still have numerous friends still living in the area that I can call on.
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