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I'm trying to get into law school right now. I took the LSAT test at the beginning of December and got my score today. I studied for this test a lot. I actually tried harder. The first time I took the LSAT I scored a 143. I got my score today from the December test and I scored a 140. I went down 3 points and am in the 12th percentile.

THAT SUCKS ASS!!!!! Now, I have to study more/harder and take the test again in February. I'm so upset with myself. I thought I did so much better.

Rant finished. I need a beer.
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Poor guy… I’m sure you’ll do better next time. I think it’s great that you’re not giving up though!

If it makes you feel better I think Best Buy has the LSAT study guide on CD that you can get. :nanana

Don't beat yourself up over this... minor bump in the road. Maybe something "higher" than you is telling you that you should stick with the job you have? :shrug
keep at it, and when in doubt pick C:redflip

Hang tough Jester, Persistance is a Good Thing and if you have a positive vision, it will come to fruition! :thumb
Take the course. For serious. Take the course.

Princeton Review
I'd try eating 6 Mcchickens personally. :)

Seriously..try the course. My wife struggle with her CPA exams and after the course she aced them. Best $1800 ever spent :)
bilbo33889 said:
If it makes you feel better I think Best Buy has the LSAT study guide on CD that you can get. :nanana
:lol :lol :lol

Just keep positive and stick with it, you will be fine.
that happened to me when i took sat's. standardized tests are all bs anyways :rolleyes
Thanks all. I'm gonna look into the course and study my ass off. As for Best Buy having the study guide, thanks. I needed the laugh.

Actually, they just don't let people named Joey into law school. I think they call it the "Whoa!" factor....:nanana :redflip :crackup
Keep your head up and keep trying. You will get it.

I was considering IP Law at one time. I took a LSAT practice exam cold: 158. I studied for a bit using Kaplan or somesuch and scored 165 timed. I then took the PR course and got a 172, 168, and 174, all on timed exams.

My trouble was the games section, which you would think in my line of work doing calculations I would be good at. My mind was not set right for them. I would be questioning, "Who gives a flying f--k at a rolling donut on a gravel driveway whether or not John and Mary were the first in line for the roller coaster?"
Enthalpy, I did great on the practice tests and the work in the book and all that. I think I just freaked out when I sat there for the test. I'll work to get my grades up where yours are.
Jester, good luck. I am just saying that the test is expensive but worth it.

Where you looking to go to school? UW?
I'm gonna apply all over the country. I just want to get in, then I can do what it takes to learn all I can.
Princeton Review...those courses/books are well worth the money if you actually want to go to Law School. You can probably Google and Kazaa for it.
I picked up 2 different Princeton Review books this morning after going to Best Buy. I'll start studying tomorrow.
Um, unless you are aiming for Harvard, I don't think your score is bad at all.

Of course, I scored a 153. :p

However, that put me in the 60th percentile. :shocked

Think carefully about taking it a third time. If the rules are the same still, upon your third exam (maybe AFTER the third), law schools will use an AVERAGE of ALL LSAT tests taken. That would mean to bring your score up by one point, you'd have to get 3 points higher on the next test. They do that to prevent people just retaking it 10 times to get the best score while not punishing someone who did a poor job because they just had a bad test day.

Do keep in mind I paid the $$$ for a professional prep class. I scored a 152 on the second time. Other than improving how I tackled my essay section, I basically did worse than my first exam. :rolleyes
BG, with all due respect, I disagree.

Check out the scores on

Depending on how/if Jester 'erased' his previous scores, the last test may be taken with a grain of salt. But suppose he gets a one fifty something. That's solid second tier schools, assuming his GPA is decent (unlike mine).
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