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Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI Card $20
Intel Pentium 4 Celeron 2.0GHz CPU (socket 478) $50
Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz CPU (socket 478/400Mhz FSB) $100

Original Matrix movie poster with autographs from Keanu/Moss/Fishburn. Comes with certificate of authenticity. Museum mounted and framed in UV glass.

Original Star Wars movie poster. This is an original 1977 Star Wars poster. Museum mounted and behind UV glass. This is not a cheap rip off but hte real deal. I can show links to some sites out there that show you what to look for in an original poster.

Original Clerks poster signed by Kevin Smith. Museum mounted behind UV glass.

Original Hong Kong Advance poster of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Museum mounted behind UV glass.

Keep in mind the framing alone on these posters is about $100. I'll take any resonable offers for the above, so make an offer. Pictures can be sent on request (hard to take pic of poster behind glass)
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