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Ready for Paris to Dakar Rally?

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Officially it started to-day in France while to-morrow will be in Spain, then across to NW part of Africa & around 5th or 6th day things will have settled down to quite a tough race with no roads, simply sand, rock, wet areas, & lord knows what else. Not to mention bandits, terrorists, or who know shooting at them or taking over their vehicles. Believe last yr one of the massive transit trucks ran into a landmind.

Anyway days one & two will be showen on Speed come Saturday at 9:00PM East Time with another repeat at 3:00AM East Time.

Something like almost 200 m/cs & how many cars or massive trucks I have not counted. Definately the toughest ralley in the world for it will last all of 17 days.

You can pick it up daily on the 'net if you dial in either of the following:

These will feed you good photos, positions & a lot of info about how the event is going.

Pity but only three Americans & in lst day Scott Hayden was 19th while Larry Roeseler was 44th & both on KTM bike.

Only 7 Brits & there was one Cdn, but believe he/she was on an ATV that was cancelled by the organizers.

In the car or truck end not one American which is a pity for they have top rate terrain to practice on.
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Sorry error in last site where I hit a C instead of a d. Should read:

That should be correct & can only test it once I send this post.
Smitty said:

That should be correct & can only test it once I send this post.
just enter it in to your browser and then copy and paste it once you're sure it works... :)
Great race. I hope it goes down safely this year. :)
How true LongRider. Interesting bit is there are 194 m/cs at the finish of the 2nd day & 141 cars. With the bikes fitting ahead of the 4X4 power of the cages THOUGH it was really a mud race and half of the cars could not finish due to a cage that became stuck in the track. After the event to-day they will move over to NW Africa & no tracks to almost no roads as things get heated up around 4th or 6th day.

This is how some of the m/c makers test some prototype bikes or certain parts of them.

In watching this 17 day race it is part of history & certainly is not a local one day event just a few miles from home.
On the 2nd day Larry Roesler pulled up to 20th place while Scott Harden dropped to 36th & Chjarles Rauseo pulled in 131 place---all being the three Americans & on KTM bikes.

I understand the course was simply a bog hole.

Of interest Colin McRae of normal rally form racing (if one can call the rally being "normal") is at the Paris to Dakar for his lst time on a Nissan & thought he would take it easy to get the hang of this form of racing, but pulled in 9th for his second day so proof that he is NOT taking it easy.

Anyway come 9:00PM to-morrow you chaps will be able to pull in the racing they filmed. So much more to it then what I have typed out like the ONE factory Yamaha is a 2-wheel drive & he won to-day's event in all the mud.
My apologizies for Saturday is here even for us chaps on the Pacific Coast Time Zone.

Sorry for some errors in typing ---- it is my bed time or was 2 hrs ago, but I wanted to keep you & others, on this board, interested in this race for really it is a part of history.

I accidently ran acoss it some 26 yrs ago in a m/c weekly from the UK & have followed it ever since. To where it seems as if I know so many of the competitors & what they ride, the ups & downs, etc.
Keep your eyes on the ONE Yamaha "works" rider & what he is riding. It is David Fretigne with his 2-wheel drive Yamaha & KTM must be crapping themselves in seeing how he is doing.

He they first two days (Jan lst & 2nd) are about to be showen on Speed at 9:00PM Eastern Time this very Saturday, next will be on Sunday & day after day till some 8 or 9 days from now.

Still if others dail in the Sites, I offered above, then you will know the results of the third day right now or whenever you dail it up. That to-morrow they scoot across to NW Africa.
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