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recap on my trips...

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yeah... cold here.. bikes in the garage so figured i'd look back on my pics from riding this summer.... here's a couple (ok more than that but thats ok ;))

first "real" trip on the bike was to maine ... was a ~400km ride each way. didnt take too many pics cause I had forgoten to charge the battery :laughing.
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once I crossed into the united states I took a pic of a water fall just entering Calais.
after that I went on a few more trips without the camera but did bring it when I went to the PEI bridge... Here's a nice horseshoe curve under the bridge.... i love those nice long curves, you can go relaxed at about 40mph not dragging knees but not to far from it either...
ofcourse I cant forget the bridge itself.. lol .. biggest in the world over saltwater witch freezes every year.. there are longer bridges but none of wich are over water that freezes... BTW this one is 14km long.
I also went to "the rocks" (hopewell cape) nice scenery on the way too... did go further for a drive too.. towards alma... the road was nice and empty :D.
here is a picture of the most popular part at the rocks... this seriously doesnt give it justice .... its very impressive in person.. seriously.
really, still doesnt give it justice... the tides are huge here..... very huge.
and here are a few mountains (we dont got much mountains here in NB, so maybe this is more of a hill if youre from out west :laughing).... I took this from a lookout point called crooked creek...very nice... but must I repeat... the cam doesnt do it justice.
another one from crooked creek.
past the lookout point... I crossed the valley on a cross road and from the other side there was a nice view of scenery.. :eek
and here is on the same road I stopped once again to take a picture but a cow was staring at me funny and really freaked me out :laughing so instead of taking another pic of the valley I took one of the evil cow :evilgrin
and you cant forget the trip to cape bretton, nova scotia... the cabbot trail.... I posted some pics before but i'll repost these :D

its allways nice to wake up at 6am to leave for a ride and notice a little bit of fog leaving moncton... this is in the city before hopping on the highway..
the fog was pretty much like that till I got into nova scotia (15-20km in or 10-15 miles)... 45min later and then I went at a higher altitude so the fog stayed in the valleys. looking at this from the side of the road made it all wort it :D.
when on the cabbot trail (highlands national park) the roads on the side of the mountains where pretty nice.... :jawdrop
here it is from the other side (before i went through it)
and all along the mountains there was twisties :D:D::D:D:D:D:D
here's at the bottom of the first mountain... :eek
and heres the last mountain (had too much fun inbetween to take pics... :laughing)... this one is not in the national park... its a provincial park after you leave the national one... its called smokey peak, very nice twisties (my personal favorite from the trip).
here's the bottom of the mountain (this is why its my fav :hornball) I hear BMW used to test their bikes in these mountains too... man I cant wait to go again.
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