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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am the owner of a newly recovered stolen Kawasaki 650r 2007.
I know I'm probably out of line with this context or not doing everything correct order this form ask. But I am in desperate help for have search for 3 days and no avail. Okay my 2007 Ninja 650r the guys who stole it did a number on the wiring I have since then got the bike running but after a while it will cut out on me because the battery dies due to fuel pump and lights using all the batterys power.
I have searched and searched wiring diagrams for the R/R. But all I seem to find is post with the RR having yellow wires connected to it three of them to be exact and it varies from three to two to five colored wires.
My r/r has three black wires one black with a yellow stripe one white with a blue stripe and one tan. Could somebody please tell me which one of these three colored wires do I hook to the positive post to the battery so my battery would charge thank you for your time your patience and sorry if I'm out of line with this form but I'm ready to get on the road with this bike being how my ZX7 is in the shop needing copy and rebuild thanks a lot.
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