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Reflections on Diet Coke

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The other diet coke thread got me thinking...

When a three hundred plus pound woman comes into the restaurant and eats more than what I would eat in a week, why does it benefit her to drink diet coke? :confused

I don't think that helps very much.... I've never figured that out and I see it every single day... :rolleyes
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If you add up all the calories saved by drinking Diet soda all day, you can eat an extra helping of dessert.:redflip
What kills me is seeing over weight people at the hot dog stands buying like 3 or 4 chilli dogs with everything on it and then buying a water :laughing
Being one of those people who pulls up to Burger King and orders a Double Whopper with cheese and a diet coke, I can officially say that it is simply for the taste or rather lack there of. I don't like drinking syrup (regular coke). When I get something to drink with my meal I want it to help wash things down, not cause me to become even more thirsty. Thus would also explain why someone would drink water with three or four chili dogs.....that's alot to wash down. If I really gave a flip about calories then I wouldn't be looking like a hypocrite in the first place now would I?:redflip

Now, those people who really think that by changing what they drink while still eating crap will make a difference. To them I say, "Get a clue..."
Good point. I sometimes laugh at that too.

Of course.

1. Soda has an insane amount of sugar in it. Definitely bad for you even if you are perfectly healthy. The new Coke C2 is nothing but the older formula....made to the amount of sugar they USED TO put in Coke. So, unless you want your glucose levels going through the roof, drink diet or unsweetened tea.

2. Soda (largely because of sugar, but also carbonic acid) makes you thirsty. It does not quench thirst.

3. If I'm going somewhere to feast, I might as well cut callories where I can to minimize the damage I'm about to do. :laughing
I don't see the problem with it. There might be a variety of reasons for ordering diet. A lot of people prefer the taste. Some of my friends stopped drinking regular coke and switched to diet and lost almost ten's not much but it's a start for some people. :shrug
Maybe they do it just to confuse the hell out of people like you. So really THEY are the ones laughing.
JEWELZ007 said:
Its a damn PREFERENCE :rolleyes
I had to give up my Diet Coke habit almost 2 years ago, that stuff can eat up your stomach...:shake
I hate regular coke....It's too sweet and I got accustomed to diet.....But for most of my meals, I drink water now..:shrug
JEWELZ007 said:
what are you laughing at?
Kick his ass jewelz!:crackup
JEWELZ007 said:
Only if he's laughing at me.. LOL
Laughing at grinch:nanana
My wife just likes the insane as that seems to me....she does..
Diet coke is worse for ya then regular pop :redflip. But regular pop is still not very good. i still drink it anyway.
Diet Coke gives me migrains. Therefore, it is the devil.:redcreep
texmex1 said:
I had to give up my Diet Coke habit almost 2 years ago, that stuff can eat up your stomach...:shake
As well as your cotains Aspertame which is directly linked to alzheimers (sp?) :shake
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