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Rezin or Shawn from TT.... help finding part.

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Rezin or Shawn from TT.... or finding part.

Well Christmas was nice. Got some things for my "03" 954. One of those things was the Custom LED tail light housing with integrated LED turnsignals. A few weeks ago I was surfing around the net and came across a carbon fiber undertray that fit the location of the OEM one and used the OEM tailight. This is perfect since I am eliminating the rear turn signal stalks and the rear fender. I am trying to track this piece down. I cannot remember where it was that I saw this. Have you guys or anyone else seen this part that I am describing?
1. It is carbon fiber
2. It retains the use of the OEM tailight/housing
3. It does not have signal mounts or license mount
4. It replaces the OEM undertray completely

If you guys or anyone can help me track down such a piece I would be very grateful. I am assuming this is probably an offroad piece or race only oriented part. Thanks.
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