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Ride today, 12/30?

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Anybody up for a 2-3 hour blast? Say kickstands up around 10:30-11:00 and back by 2:00? There are some nice roads down south toward Canyon Lake, or maybe out west toward Lukenbach? Any other ideas?
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You get laid off? :nanana I'll be up for one this weekend, as the weather last :down
Nah, dude. I'm on vacation this week. So there. :redflip
Well, guess nobody can make it. Maybe I'll see some of youz at AF1 tonight.
I'll be riding near Canyon Lake this Texas Ski Ranch in New Braunfels!
max955 said:
Well, guess nobody can make it. Maybe I'll see some of youz at AF1 tonight.
You goin' to AF1 tonight I could probally do that.
I just got home from a hike, but yeah I think I'll pop into AF1 for a bit after I get cleaned up.
Damn, I was sooo ready to ride today and/or hit AF1 tonight but I came down with something last night. I am guessing maybe cedar season just kicked in to full gear.....

Trying to overdose myself on Claritan and Sudafed to kick all the symptoms. Did I mention Austin sucks for allergies.

I'll be back in town and pending weather will be riding Sat or Sun if anyone is planning. Maybe if we hit way south we can still meet up with some of the San Anton folks for lunch somewhere etc.
Yeah, my allergies have been giving me inermittent trouble for the last several days. At the moment, I'm so congested I cannot breathe through my nose and my right eye is so watery I can hardly see. I was doing okay earlier today, but I really got whacked in the last couple of hours. Must have been the hike and the ride to AF1 that did it...
Rog-Was AF1 a big turnout this evening? I went like two Tuesdays ago and it was king of chilly.
No, it was pretty thin tonight. I rolled up just after 7 and there were about as many cages there as bikes. Less than 10 showed, I'd estimate. But the pizza was free, so I was happy. :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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