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ride tomorrow......

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I am leaving Charlotte tomorrow at noon to ride out to Lincolnton and meet a friend there (GSXR750) We'll ride up 18 and possibly 181 as well. I plan to be back by in Charlotte by dark (5pm). Anyone interested call me at 704-607-9153. My local source says that the roads are clean and clear, and the weather report for tomorrow has it at 60 degrees

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Bryan I am on the tail end of a cold right now but certainly might meet yall tomorrow I just want to wake up first and see how I feel.
I rode 18 on Christmas Eve and it was in pretty good shape other than the usual spotty areas of gravel. Bill Green and I talked about riding tomorrow. We might be able to hook up with you.

you guys

call me in the AM, I am up by 7 or so. Another buddy of mine (Roy from here in Charlotte on his ZRX1200) will join us, and his brother David (from Albemarle, on a 2004 FJR1300) may join us too......
Id be up for it, but as of tonight ive got a good dose of the flu:( My little one has been down with it for over a week, I guess just being around him 24/7 and him wanting to be as close to me as possible just helped it get passed on.
Bryan I am still too sick this morning. I got the crud and just feel to shi**y to ride. Riding to work yesterday in wind chill of around 15 degrees probably was not the smartest of ideas?
Yall have fun and make sure to give us a road condition report later.
Excellent ride today Bryan. :thumb You guys are fast! Thanks for the invite.

meeting you too! We'll have to do it again sometime....

FYI, for those that didn't join us, there were 4 of us (GSXR750, Z1000, ZRX1200, and CBR954) we rode around the outskirts of Lincolnton, up and down 18 and a few sideroads. The roads were in great shape, almost no gravel even.....:p
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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