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Ridin' to work

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Temp 35, feels like 30 according to, and taking the bike to work.

Working only a half day today, then got the next 4 off, and plan on putting about 500 miles on before Monday.

Damn it feels good to be gangster.

Anybody else with an extended weekend?

And who usually rides to work every day?

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Hatchman said:

Damn it feels good to be gangster.

What the hell do you know about bein a ganster white boy?:nanana :nanana :nanana
I ride everyday unless it rains, and i am planning on putting some miles on this weekend too...
I used to ride to work every day when we lived up North, but now I'd have to do circles in the driveway to ride to work while I'm here since I work from home! ;)
And I don't ride up to Silver Spring on the days I'm working up North...3 rush hours to ride through would be a bit too dangerous! ;)
hatch or conrad.. lets ride today its kind of nice on my cell 343 0965.. give me a call
Sounds good, but busy this afternoon, and New Year's stuff tonight. I PM'd you my cell, and I'll be riding the next 4 days. So give me a call.
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