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Riding in Bama

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Hey Folks,

Just wanted to post and say hello to everyone. Seems only one of my relatives down here in 'Bama even have the internet, so I haven't been able to get on much.

I hope everybody had a good Christmas. I imagine some folks are still scattered about for the holidays.

Jewls and I got a couple of good days of riding in this week, with sunny weather and temps up to 64.

We got in a couple of hundred miles today, along with taking a tour of the Barber's Motorcycle Museum. It is worth the trip just to see that, the largest collection of motorcycles in America, and second largest in the world. Lot's of cool/rare bikes, including a Yamaha R7, one of only 50 sold in the US.

Also, there are tons of good roads out in the country to the east and south of the Museum. One of them is HWY 25, a must for anyone who wants to ride all the best roads in the country. The closest thing I've ever seen the 25 is the Gap, and like the Dragon, it eats cars, bikes, and trucks like there is no tomorrow. On one side of the road, you've got a nothing but air, and on the other, the side of a mountain. Lots of blind turns and elevation changes as well.

I've got some pics of the museum and a couple of 25, so I'll put 'em on here after we get back tomorrow night.

Barber just had the track paved AGAIN after the AMA races, that's the third time the track has been paved this year. Should be near perfect by now, so can't wait to get back on it next summer.

We'll got the pig in the ground, and some beer on ice, and all my rowdy friends are coming over tonight, so take care, and see ya'll soon.

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All geared up and ready to ride. Temp: 40.
Warmed up to 64 later, though.
Nice big circle right in front for folks to park.
Front Doors
Gear room, now ain't that special.
Best lookin' bike there, IMHO
It's the Beast, only with like, zero miles on it
Now this would be one cool ass learner bike, a 125, looks a lot like a 748 Ducati to me. Even comes with carbon/kevlar exaust can.
A replica of the Capt. America bike from Easy Rider. None of the originals exist, they were all stripped and sold for parts. You can see the Mille and Dyna Glide out the window in front.
A real live R7, one of only 50 sold in America. This is number 5.
This would be the only place to find the word Mille in the whole place, and on a Ducati, no less. Of course, mille is italian for thousand, but it would have been nice to see a 2004 Factory in there somewhere.
Speaking of Aprilia, this is the only one in the whole place. You know your bike is rare when the guy with the second largest collection in the world doesn't even have one. Of course, he probably heard how hard it was to get parts for them.
One of the Widow Makers. This bike killed more people than the GSXR 1000. Turbo lag in a corner, not something you want on your crotch rocket.
What's a C4 Corvette doing in Barber's museum? It's the last ZR1 Corvette ever made, and it's never seen the street.
Mille at the overlook.
Shoulder Drop Off, that's a no shitter. HWY 25, Alabama's own little Dragon.
If you love someone, say it in Krylon.
Hatchman said:
Now this would be one cool ass learner bike, a 125, looks a lot like a 748 Ducati to me. Even comes with carbon/kevlar exaust can.
I always wanted one of those. The Cagiva Mito 125 has 7 gears. Too cool.:specs
This is why I bought a truck. Go home for Christmas, haul all the presents, and bring the bike.
Well, the local beast rider no longer rides one. I sold that biatch off. Knock on wood.

That R7 is sweet. I wana ride one, just one. I won't even beat it, well uh, I probably would, but still. Let me ride it.
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